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Teen & Parent Coach


Tara is a Life Coach with a certificate in Youth Mental First Aid.  She is also a qualified Shine From Within Youth Mentor and The Rites of Passage Leader.  Tara is also a Reiki and Emotional Freedom Tapping (EFT) practitioner.  Having studied coaching with the The Life Coaching Academy in Australia and Transcend International in Hong Kong, she has chosen to specialise in teen coaching. Trained in MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction), Tara also offers breathing, visualisation and meditation techniques to support her clients suffering from anxiety.


Tara has run several workshops at both King George V Secondary School,  Kellett - The British International School and The Australian International School in Hong Kong.  Tara's coaching clients include both boys and girls and her speciality is in working with teens suffering with anxiety and/or ADHD.

As a Mother of two spirited children with a passion for coaching and healing, Tara has undertaken a number of transformational courses that led her into the world of coaching, including the Landmark Series, Anthony Robbins, Vedic Meditation, MBSR Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction and The Parent Effectiveness Course P.E.T..  Her interest in natural therapies and the mind body connection have led her to explore  and experience energy healing methods such as Bio-resonance, NATE Allergy Testing, Kinesiology, Integrated Manual Therapy and energy body work.  In particular, she is interested in how these therapies can impact a child's learning capacity, mood and behaviour. 

As the saying goes, "a worried Mother does better research than the FBI".

Tara's communication skills, intuition and compassion have shaped her experiences from an early age.  She was the youngest volunteer telephone counsellor for the Salvation Army at the age of 16.  Following a successful career in marketing, media and event management both in Australia and Hong Kong, Tara now solely focuses on coaching and energy body work.  Through active listening and reflection, Tara has enabled positive shifts in teens and adults using her tools and techniques for managing change, building resilience, coping with anxiety and addressing behavioural challenges related to executive function deficits.

Tara is passionate about creating a safe space for teens to share their concerns and worries. She is dedicated to teaching teens how to listen to their intuitive wisdom and to be confident in expressing themselves so that they can set clear boundaries, uncover their own values and design their own identity.

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