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We are two Life Coaches who formed a wonderful friendship whilst living in Hong Kong.  We quickly  bonded over our shared passion in supporting teenagers and their parents during these challenging times. Although we have both returned to our home towns of Sydney and Los Angeles, we haven't let the great Pacific Ocean divide our Wild Heart connection.  We have two offices in different parts of the world, but we love the excuse to travel back and forth to conduct workshops. We are constantly reminded that although we all have unique stories, growing pains are universal and love and compassion have no borders.

As mothers of tweens and teens we have hands-on experience with these formative years.
We also remember juggling the emotional and physical demands from our own teenage experiences.


 In our workshops and in our one-on-one coaching sessions, our goal is to add another layer of support in a safe and neutral space for teenagers and parents to tackle the problems that arise during these transformational years. 


As Teen Life Coaches, we first like to normalise any obstacles, which helps to create resilience and promote optimism.  
We are committed to:

Reminding the teen they are not broken

Giving them room to access their own wisdom

Supporting them in figuring out what to do

Recognising that they are the expert in their own life and help nurture their self-confidence

Providing Mentorship in order to help make the hard stuff easier to sit with


We understand how tricky it can be to parent a teenager. With the unique challenges our teenagers face today and the rise in anxiety levels, we've combined forces to create unique workshops and offer individual parent coaching to support your relationship and communication with your teen.  

As long term ex-pats, we also understand the benefits and challenges of growing up as third culture kids and have experience in supporting teenagers as they transition from one country to the next.


All our content has been customised from the latest research with a holistic approach.   


Our workshops vary and we tailor each session to suit each participant's needs.   Flexibility is essential, so that we can "dance in the moment" to allow the workshops to flow organically. 


Our mission is to create compassionate conversations and provide effective tools to navigate the ups and downs of the teenage years.

Group of Multiethnic Teenagers Taking a
Tween girl playing guitar
Multi-ethnic group of teenagers outside
two girls navigating life
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